Everything you love will die

by Michael Fredman

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Although admittedly it reads like quite a morbid title, this is meant to be an uplifting (even a - dare I say it - Christmassy) song about how the fact of death should encourage us to live and love. I wrote it after a motorbike accident. I lay on a gurney in a tiny, ill equipped hospital on a distant island, while a women died in front of me, after which the doctor turned his attention to me, and I thought of everyone I'd ever loved, or still loved, and wondered if they knew...


I used to get letters, sent from far away
bright with wit and colour
they kept the dark at bay
then one day
the letters ceased
I received the news
and all the replies
I'd meant to send
went unused


Everything you love
will one day die
that's all we know for sure but I
wanted to say
while our hearts are beating
I love you
I think that bears repeating

Everything you love
will one day end
that's all I know for sure
my friend

I lost a lot of blood
I lost a lot of love
Everytime, I got back up

Repeat Chorus

I walked from the bomb blasts
my head was in a mess
the woman I loved
the woman I'd left
sent me a text

I wrote back to tell her I was still alive
Though I wanted to run back to her
it was too late to try
all things die
Whether death's the end
or just a changing state
life's too short to live
in either fear or hate
Yet each man kills the thing he loves
so Oscar Wilde wrote
Maybe that's the truth
or maybe it's just a
facetious quote, honey

Repeat chorus

Everything you love will one day end.


released December 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Michael Fredman UK

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